The Schebek Palace

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

Smaller Palace Rooms

In addition to its impressive banquet halls, the Schebek Palace also offers smaller palace rooms for breakout sessions, meetings, small lectures, buffets, cocktail socializing, or private dining. Each room has a distinct character, with diverse furnishing, patterns, colors, and ornamentation. 

The Bronze Room

The Bronze Room has bold patterned walls, a detailed wooden ceiling, and a fabulous antique ceramic heating stove. A round wooden table accommodates 12 people. 

CapacityGeneva 12 | Banquet 12 | Gala Buffet 20 

The Marble Room

Creamy fabric walls, a unique circular ceiling design, and an elegant chandelier adorn the Marble Room.

The Marble Room is interconnected with the Salon de Mars and can also serve as a catering room for your event in the Salon.

CapacityConference 26 | Theater 35 | Geneva 22 | Cocktail 30

The PEARL Room

 An intriguingly detailed geometric pearl-colored ceiling, light-green fabric walls, and a beautiful rug fill the Pearl Room.

CapacityConference 24 | Theater 35 | Geneva 22 | Cocktail 30  

The Fawn Room

This palace room is different from the others not because of its beautiful patterned walls and Persian blue rug, but because of its evocative antique safe dating back to the time when the Schebeck Palace was the home of the State Bank of Czechoslovakia.

CapacityConference 24 | Theater 35 | Geneva 22 | Cocktail 30  

The Jade Room

Elegant in its simplicity, the Jade Room offers beautifully patterned wall cushions and another marvelous ceiling.

CapacityConference 24 | Theater 35 | Geneva 22 | Cocktail 30  

The Oak Room

The Oak Room features a bold cast-iron chandelier and floor lamp, wooden ceiling patterns, and a ceramic heating stove.

CapacityConference 24 | Theater 35 | Geneva 22 | Cocktail 30 

The Ivory Room

The Ivory Room has perhaps the most unique and exotic ceiling in the Schebek palace.

CapacityConference 24 | Theater 35 | Geneva 22 | Cocktail 30  

The Schebek Palace also has an additional room with excellent functionality for caterers. It is located next to the elevator and has a small kitchen which is available for your catering company's use.